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plWe are a family team with nursing and business backgrounds as well as many years of professional and personal experience in senior care.  We observed several friends experience worry and frustration as they searched to find the best living solution for their loved ones who could no longer manage in their home.  We decided that a service was needed that would work directly for the individual and or their family to help alleviate the tremendous stress involved in this transition.  We work directly for you and you are our priority.  We have no allegiance to any senior living community.

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is to assist  individuals or their loved ones interested in exploring new lifestyle options because they are no longer able to remain in their current living situation.  This may be a result of a change in their health status or feeling isolated due to the loss of a spouse or loved one.


as your senior consultant is to provide comprehensive information to you and or your family. We will work for and with you in choosing appropriate senior  living communities available within your desired area that would be of interest based upon your lifestyle requirements.

One Step Process:
AS YOUR PERSONAL CONSULTANT, we work FOR you. We will come to you, assess your social and physical needs and customize a search based on the information you provide.
We will accompany you to visit the communities we selected together based upon the data we collect from you.

We will assist you in the interview process at each community and analyze information following each visit to compare communities. This will enable you to make an educated and well informed choice of the community which will best suit your needs or those of your loved one.

Should you choose to use or services beyond the move, we are available for follow-up visits to confirm that the contracted services within the new community are being fulfilled.

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Senior Select Living Solutions, LLC

Greater NY Capital District Region          (518) 937-7806
Cape Cod and South Shore, MA.             (203)-812-9570